Our Partners

Kharma Hemp wouldn't be who we are without the collaboration of our incredible partners. We work with three highly reputable companies who are dedicated to producing only the most highest quality hemp products.



Nestled in the heart of the Rainbow Shires Australia, Artaban Hemp oils and creams are truly unique. Artaban products create everything they produce -from seed harvest, manufacturing and production. They live by the knowing that the whole plant from the roots, leaf, stem, flower and fruit work together in harmony and ensure that what they create has as little impact on the environment as possible.


This is why they are the leading Australian grown, biodynamic and organic, solvent free, with eleven other anti-inflammatory oils, herbs and minerals, maintaining vital Endocannabinoid health.


The Hemp Gallery

Hi there, thanks for stopping by. We are Beatrice and Nicole, the mother-daughter duo behind Hemp Gallery.

Now a mother-daughter duo, The Hemp Gallery began with Beatrice and her husband Ray with the environmentalist desire to bring education and information to the masses about the value of hemp. After discovering that Hemp could offer all our basic needs; food, clothing, shelter and fuel in an environmentally sustainable way, they realised that the hemp industry was a perfect fit for their personal philosophy. In the late 90's Hemp Market (as it was known back then) was created in the garage of their old home. With a small selection of fabrics they became pioneers in the Australian Hemp Industry.


ECS Botanics

Managing Director & Founder, Alexander Keach is from the picturesque northern midlands of Tasmania, Australia. ECS Botanics came to life after discussing the differences between a crop of Poppies and Cannabis and the impact both have on the soil, the environment, society and people’s health. Over night they came to the agreement they would find a way to make the benefits of Cannabis available to the population and make Tasmania the most prominent hemp growing region in the world.

ECS Botanic believe in changing the world through hemp and in supporting a healthy planet with sustainable products which will enable people to live healthier lives.

ECS Botanic products are grown from Alex's farm in Tasmania, which is known for its clean air and rich fertile soils.