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Kharma Hemp Hemp Oil

Artaban Hemp Oil 

Bringing together the unique qualities of these specially selected plants and minerals.

Hemp Face Cream

Hemp Face Cream

Aromatic alchemy of pure and natural ingredients, hand made on a biodynamic organic farm.

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Out of love and passion, we were guided to create a community space dedicated to bettering the lives of others. When it comes to the health and well-being of your body, mind and soul, our greatest passion is to inspire people to embrace natural ways of living life on every level. 


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"The Night Night oil works really well. My sister and I really love it"

"Your hemp oil has helped me greatly in the past week with my GAD."

"Hi Sophie, I am so amazed on how the original hemp oil has helped me with my RA, I am off all my meds and only using the oil, God guided me to you

"Thank you so much for that information, I would like to let you know, about 70% of my anxiety has gone, since I've been using it, I can't believe there is no bad effects compared to depression tablets and sleeping tablets. Wow"

"It's definitely making a difference with my moods & managing stress better I do notice when I haven't taken it. I have recommended a few people I know to purchase from you guys."

"Without a doubt, the oil was life changing by allowing me to get the calmness and flow that I need which in turn helped my concentration and focus."

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