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Kharma Hemp came to life when two uniquely different humans crossed paths.

One, a plant-based Holistic Health Coach dedicated to helping people become healthier versions of themselves, as well as pushing them through self-judgement and self-acceptance. The other, a quirky father of 3 who on an evening finds his dwellings on a house-boat in the middle of the harbour for the ultimate peace and quiet.


Despite coming from different worlds, they both shared a common vision when it comes to the desire to express to others the incredible potential they personally found when introducing hemp on all levels into their day to day lives.

Out of love and passion from our own personal journeys, we were guided to create a community space dedicated to bettering the lives of others when it comes to the health and
well-being of your body, mind and soul. Our greatest passion is to inspire people to embrace natural ways of living life on every level. 
Whether you’re curious about plant medicine alternatives or seeking support and guidance on ways to improve your bodies ability to heal both mentally, physically and spiritually


Kharma Hemp will take you there.


Moore Park EQ - Weekly Wednesday

Manly - 3 Saturdays per month

Orange Grove - first Saturday of the month

Glenbrook - third Saturday of the month

Bondi Beach - Sundays

Warriewood - Friday once a month (can vary on week) 

Our Story


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