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What Makes Us So Unique?

Updated: Jun 29, 2021

Artaban is a Bio-Dynamic family farm nestled in the lush volcanic mountain hillsides of Northern NSW. Inspired by the unwavering generosity of spirit to help others that Artaban (the fourth wise man) was renowned for, the intention that drives the farm is clear.

Artaban Hemp Oil is unique in many ways. Artaban is the only licensed Biodynamic Hemp farm in Australia. Working with Bio-Dynamics helps to produce not only a stand-out full spectrum cannabinoid profile, but also the cleanest possible Hemp with no pesticides, chemicals or unnatural fertilisers making their way into the final product.

With only the highest quality organic ingredients being used, the oils and creams produced on the farm are as clean and natural as can be.

Artaban Hemp Oils

Our three main Oils differ in the botanicals added.

Pure has nothing else added to the Hemp infused Olive Oil.

Original has an array of powerful natural anti-inflammatories added.

Nighty Night has botanicals added that are known for helping with sleep and anxiety.


Australian organic handpicked cold pressed extra virgin olive oil,

Bio-Dynamic Cannabis Sativa,

Organic Nigella Sativa,

Organic Turmeric,

Organic black pepper,

Sunflower lecithin,

Organic Reishi,

Organic Maitake,

Organic Chaga,

Aurum comp,

High altitude Frankincense,

High altitude Myrhh,

Organic Raw Honey.


Australian organic handpicked cold pressed extra virgin olive oil,

Bio-Dynamic Cannabis Sativa.

Nighty Night

Australian organic handpicked cold pressed extra virgin olive oil,

Bio-Dynamic Cannabis Sativa,

Organic Skullcap,

Organic Lemon Balm,

Organic Passionflower,

Organic Rose petals,

Organic Valerian Root,

Organic Hops,

Organic Chamomile,

Organic Lavender,

Organic Raw Honey.

Avena Sativa (may contain Gluten)

Artaban Hemp Creams

At present we have 6 creams available, all using our Artaban Hemp Oil and Sphagnum Aqua as a base.

Face Cream: This cream contains essential oils with high natural SP factors so it provides a degree of sun protection as well as the array of other benefits that Hemp provides.

Warming Cream: This cream is our most popular choice for pain relief from Arthritis, sore muscles and joints.

Hemp Magnif: This cream has the highest potency of Hemp Oil of all our creams and is fantastic across the board for symptomatic relief of skin conditions, sunspots and animal bites ... plus it smells divine with Australian bush essences.

Renew Cream: This cream has had incredible results with relieving the symptoms of sunspots, staph infections, animal bites and stings (blue bottle in particular) cuts, infections, rashes and wrinkles.

Hemp Revive: With the added benefit of Comfrey, this cream is great to potentially assist in the healing process for bruises, broken bones and damaged ligaments. It has also had some fantastic feedback for pain relief.

Body Cream: This cream has elicited great feedback about relieving the symptoms of burns, psoriasis and eczema. Being rather gentle, it is great for sensitive skin and young children.

Artaban Farm, Our Point of difference

Another major point of difference with Artaban Hemp Oil is the very long slow infusion method designed to bring the dominant as well as the more subtle aspects of the herb, together in their natural balance in the oil. The herb is submerged in the organic carrier oil and agitated regularly, whilst sitting in large stainless-steel vats beneath a copper pyramid and surrounded by high frequency stones. This process takes between 6 and 12 months to release the multitude of qualities in the herb.

Most hemp oils around the world are produced by using solvents or gases to quickly extract the oil from the herb, leaving many integral components of the herb behind. These more subtle components deeply enhance the effectiveness of some of the more prominent components. Understanding this helps to see that simply measuring the amount (mg/L) of just one component and doesn’t represent the potency or effectiveness of the whole product. The effectiveness is based on the vast web of relationships between countless components... this is known as the “Entourage Effect”.

Artaban’s Hemp Growing Licence allows the production of low THC Hemp products for external use only.

What is the difference between Hemp Oil and Hemp Seed Oil?

Hemp is the name given to low THC Cannabis, usually from the Cannabis Sativa varieties. There are thousands of different strains with a vast multitude of uses. Each strain has a different Cannabinoid profile (array of cannabinoids) but being Hemp means its THC content is less than 1%. THC is the psychoactive element that in higher concentrations creates Marijuana strains that have mind altering effects.

What does 'low THC' mean?

THC is one of the hundreds of Cannabinoids found in almost all Cannabis strains. It is the psychoactive component that is known to create a 'high' or 'stoned' effect. Australian Hemp regulations require Hemp grown under licence to contain less than 1% THC in order to avoid the potential psychoactive effects.

Artaban’s latest Hemp crop came in at 0.11% THC.

Once the Hemp has been infused into our Oil, it is nearly 100 times under the legal limit.

It will not show up in a swab test.

Although THC has been found to have many potential benefits, the psychoactive aspect can offset some of these benefits as well as impairing one's ability to drive and safely operate machinery. Research keeps discovering more and more potential benefits from the hundreds of components found in Cannabis, including the Terpenes and Flavonoids. The ever growing list of uses and benefits of Cannabis is proving that low THC Hemp is both effective and very safe. This is why many countries have now legalised low THC Hemp products and allowed them to be made widely available to the public.

What is the difference between the (blue label) Original Oil and the (purple label) Pure Oil?

They are both made from Artaban Bio-Dynamic/Organic Hemp being infused (in stainless steel barrels) over a long period of time into cold-pressed, hand-picked, Extra Virgin, Organic Australian Olive Oil. The barrels sit within a copper pyramid surrounded by large crystals and high frequency stones, and they are stirred every few days for up to 12 months. At the end of this process the oil is filtered to make Pure (purple label) Oil.

To make the Original (blue label) Oil, an amazing mix of potent Organic natural herbs, minerals, homeopathics, mushroom extracts and Organic Raw Honey are added to the 'Pure' Oil. These extra ingredients are often regarded to potentially have powerful anti-inflammatory properties.

These two oils are similar but also quite different. The Hemp content is almost identical.

The Pure Oil is suitable for vegans and people with potential allergies to the other ingredients found in the Original or Nighty Night oils.

The Nighty Night Oil is a more recent variation with extra botanicals added that are considered to be very helpful in assisting with sleep and anxiety.

Love, Soil and Light!


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